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Environment protection, food scarcity and food quality are the biggest issues for current generations. World population will be 9.000 million by 2.050 and the amount of arable land is limited. Humanity faces the challenge of feeding a fast increasing number of people with the same physical resources.
The goal of Agriker products is to help crops from all over the world to unleash their potential. Every agent in the food supply sector has a role to play and Agriker's role is making plants stronger and more productive.
Agrigentum 3 is a Spanish company located in Valencia, which started its operations in 2012. After months of research, development and testing activities, Agrigentum 3 launched in 2013 a whole new range of products composed by amino acid based biostimulants and microelements defficiency correctors.
Since its birth, Agriker is devoted to become a main actor in the international biostimulants market. Agriker products are formulated and bottled in Spain and later exported to different countries throughout Europe and EMEA.
  • Agriker is a young brand, with sound research and development activities.
  • The quality of our products, showing actual results on the field, is our best introductory card.
  • Our products have been tested in different countries around the world.
  • Our partners are relevant distributors in their countries.
  • The goal of Agriker is to become a main actor in the international biostimulants market.

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